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School of Ethnic Minority Arts

The department has over 1,000 students, 45 full-time or part-time teachers, and 5 majors, among which the major of visual communication design and making is the national key major. There are more than ten training rooms, such as furniture model production, photography, film and television animation production, calligraphy and painting mounting and so on. Eight national and provincial arts and crafts master studios have been established, and it is the inheritance point for the restoration of ancient books in Gansu Province. 4 provincial education reform projects and 4 school-level high-quality courses have been completed. It has won many good results in the National College students' Advertising Art Competition and Gansu higher Vocational College skills Competition. In recent years, the employment rate has remained above 98%.


  • Visual Communication Design and Making

  • Digital Media Application Technology

  • Exhibition Arts Design

  • Arts and Crafts Design

  • Furniture Design