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School of Surveying Mapping and Geographic Information

The department has over 900 students, 47 full-time or part-time teachers, and 5majors. There are five training rooms for teaching, scientific research and social service, including general survey training room, modern measurement training room, photogrammetry training center, geographic information training room and CORS technology research and development center. It has built up 1 provincial excellent course, 1 national case library, 2 provincial online open courses and 4 textbooks. It has 1 provincial teaching team. In the past three years, teachers and students have won 16 provincial and above awards in teaching and research projects, skills competition. The employment rate of graduates has reached 100% for four consecutive years.


  • Mine Surveying

  • Engineering Surveying Technology

  • Surveying and Mapping and Geographic Information Technology

  • Navigation and Location-based Service

  • Application Technology of UAV